Corporate solutions

Ensuring the health of your workforce is of vital importance now more than ever. Our corporate solutions are designed to facilitate a seamless return to work for your organization.

The COVIDMedBot offers asynchronous robotic services for COVID19 risk stratification and monitoring, with virtual symptom surveillance and predictive antibody assay testing. In addition, we offer an easy to deploy multilingual website chat bot, providing your employees with readily accessible virtual consultations.

  • Daily 60 second symptom tracking and status updates
  • Dynamic single portal for employee individual assessment
  • Single dashboard for corporate oversight
  • Automated symptom surveillance at scale
  • Testing based on prevalence assay load
  • Private telemedicine infrastructure
  • Data enabled development of COVID “employee passport” facilitating a safe return to work


Our testing strategy is available for immediate deployment, operational prior to any return to workplace activity.

Our workforce screening process involves sampling at specific testing hubs or on site at workplace venues, utilizing a high throughput state of the art testing platform.

Our reliable and accurate testing strategy combines both PCR and antibody testing to ensure 99.4% reliability, with only 0.6% false negatives.

Our testing strategy is adaptable to new testing information and fully enabled to provide a seamless transition into vaccine responsiveness testing, once a vaccine becomes available. Our automated asynchronous consults allow for AI enhanced decision support, resulting in rapid triage for organization members.

How it works:
  1. Member completes profile
  2. Clinician identifies member and collects sample for testing
  3. Nasopharyngeal swab + blood sample collection
  4. Testing via internationally accredited laboratory analysis
  5. Results and reports in 3-4 days
  6. Member and employer access profile and status with ongoing virtual symptom monitoring